Bino Smith

Mobster turned Artist - Story by Tony Cutting

I grew up with Bino on Hongoeka Marae in Plimmerton, Wellington.  Bino lived on the Marae “up the hill” with his dad and four other older siblings, three sisters and a brother and was the youngest of the family for some time until his father brought a new partner home and started a new family with Bino now in the reverse sibling role being the oldest kid living at home with four younger brothers and younger sister to look out for.  Bino attended Plimmerton School and went on to Aotea College before joining his older brother and brother In-Law in the Mongrel Mob.

What I can tell you is that he was always an awesome artist, I have vivid memories of Bino drawing when we were very young (primary school age) and watching in awe as he created wonderful images and inspired many of us to at least try to draw.

Art helped Bino change his lifestyle and he is no longer a gangster trading his patch for paint, pencil and carving tools - now an accomplished artist he is based out of Waikato.

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Luke Isaacs  - Carved Surfboard (2015)

Multiple Drawings

Paintings & Carved Waka Paddles