Bino Smith

Yes, he is a former Mongrel Mob member, but now he is an absolutely world class multimedia artist and sculptor, having honed his skills as a set finisher for Peter Jackson on Lord of the Rings.

Himiona Grace

Story by Tony Cutting

Beach Bum, Writer, Musician, Father of four and Director of one of New Zealands latest hit movies.

Kamiria Violet Mullen

Arapera Pikiwera Thoms with two of her daughters,Miriama Ngapaki and Roka and Wirihana Rangihaeata her niece Ngawhakahua Ani Retimana .Hua's son Te Waari Kereoma katene and Rawiri Iharaia. This is the Pikiwera whanau who adopted the little pakeha girl Aunty Kami.  Ngawhakahua Ani Retimana became Kami's legal mother.

- Aunty Kami's story - Tony Cutting (Great Grandson)

Miriama Grace-Smith

- Story by Himiona Grace

Being an artist isn’t really something you just decide to do. Not in Miriama Grace-Smith’s world that is. It is something you’re born to do.